Bulk SMS/Emails

Do you want to send campaign messages, offers & promotions and also interact with clients directly on their mobile phones? Look no further! At Dreamweb, we provide the best Bulk SMS and Email services in Ghana.

Our user-friendly platform enables businesses and individuals to engage clients through both bulk SMS and emails from a single account.  Our gateways guarantee 99.99% deliverability, at very competitive prices in Ghana.

We can also facilitate your SMS and Email marketing campaigns with our carefully compiled mailing lists that are segmented into various target groups.

For application developers, we also provide  Bulk SMS API and Bulk Email API to integrate SMS and Email functionalities into your applications.

Features of the DreamWEB SMS/Email platform

  • Bulk SMS and Email all on one screen with a single account
  • Intuitive and user-friendly dashboards
  • Message Scheduling
  • Unlimited mailing lists and contacts
  • Customization of individual messages message in a campaign
  • Ready-made beautiful email templates for your campaign messages



At Dreamweb, we provide the best Bulk SMS and Email services at the most competitive prices in Ghana.

Bronze 1-49,999 0.033
Silver 50,000-149,999 0.031
Gold 150,000-249,999 0.029
Diamond 250,000 – 349,999 0.027
Platinum Above 250,000 Negotiable